Corporate management

As required by ISO, the company’s order of management is specified in the quality control manual and the process catalog, which details the company’s processes. Advantages of 4S-2000 Ltd.: Since 1999, the company has been following the ISO 9001:2000 quality control system certified by TÜV Bayern.

4S-2000 Ltd. has been using corporate management systems for nearly a decade. The software Clipper is also used by other similar companies in Hungary. This system was developed in France specifically for companies involved in manufacturing and production. It supports all phases of production, including all stages in manufacturing and preparation. Employees confirm the start and end of each step in production using a bar code reader. This way the company can track production step by step, adjusting calculations if necessary.

In addition to production management, design and manufacturing processes are also supported by CAD/CAM software. For design tasks, we utilize Unigraphix NX and AutoCAD, and for programming, we rely on Edgecam. The company’s IT infrastructure is meticulously organized. The technology department is connected directly to the computers and CNC machines in the workshop.