On-site training projects at 4S-2000 Ltd.

4S-2000 Ltd. considers providing the best possible working conditions to be of paramount importance. The company also places emphasis on providing as much work-related training as possible, thereby contributing to the company’s competitive edge. This tender for medium enterprises allowed the company’s employees to take part in both accredited and non-accredited on-site training courses.


Corporate management systems in the metal industry: 35 participants, 120 hours per person
Workplace safety and fire prevention training (FAT-accredited): 35 participants, 30 hours per person
Environmental protection training (FAT-accredited): 55 participants, 30 hours per person
Partner management techniques training: 20 participants, 50 hours per person
Communication at work training (FAT-accredited): 55 participants, 240 hours per person
Basic English conversation training: 20 participants, 100 hours per person

Project date: 2013-2014
Funds awarded: 36,605,491 HUF
Total value of project: 49,779,840 HUF

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