Investment in capacity increase required for the manufacturing of new products

High standards in quality and delivery necessitate continuous development in equipment, including the utilization of cutting-edge machining devices. Utilizing EU funds, the company procured a DOOSAN PUMA VT900 CNC controlled vertical turning center and expanded the social area.

The DOOSAN PUMA VT900 CNC controlled vertical turning center enables our company to provide high-precision machining down to 0.01 mm for large products, up to 900x800mm. Its state-of-the-art control mechanism enables us to work quickly and reliably. The 12 toolholders result in a significant increase in productivity.

The workshop mostly carries out the assembly of sheet metal machining equipment for a French partner. Due to this expansion, the company could increase the number of assignments taken on, and manufacture new products with tight deadlines and good quality.

The social area provides outstanding working conditions for our employees. Additionally, these investment projects created six new jobs.

Project date: 2012-2013
Funds awarded: 38,625,740 HUF
Total value of project: 110,359,256 HUF







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