Investment to increase capacity or improve quality

Under the auspices of the 2011 “Complex corporate technological development for micro, small, and medium enterprises” tender, 4S-2000 Ltd. procured a MAZAK HCN 6800-II horizontal CNC machining center and a TESA Micro Hite 3D CNC measuring instrument.

The CNC machining center offers capacity for machining large parts and sub-modules up to 1000x1000x1000mm, in simultaneous 4D mode.
This large-scale machining process yields a precision of 3 microns. The palette changer and 80 piece tool changer allow for extremely fast machining. The device enables the machining of mechanical parts of medical imaging equipment, as well as catering for the transportation industry and solar panel manufacturers.

The second part of the investment is a 3D CNC measuring instrument driven by the top-of-the-line software PC-DMIS purchased in previous years. This device enables the full-scale monitoring of unique products or large production runs. The measuring accuracy of the device is 2 microns. This piece of equipment enables the company to check each product one by one, which is a requirement of several of our customers.

Project date: 2011.
Funds awarded: 40,901,019HUF
Total value of project: 116,860,057HUF



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