Machinery and Equipment

The company possesses a wide range of computer-integrated production equipment, including Mazak, Doosan, Fanuc, Emco, Hurco and Cincinatti machinery. Over the past five years, investment projects worth between three and four hundred thousand Euros per year have enabled an increase in production capacity, along with the addition of the most modern CNC and traditional lathes, as well as CNC machining centers. A core principle of the company is constant maintenance and using equipment within optimal operating time parameters to ensure top quality.

As in previous periods, the company’s investment projects are adapted to current industry trends, as well as the customer requirements or even specific ideas, being open to development and cooperation ideas from the customers.

Currently the company’s inventory includes 23 3, 4 or 5-axle CNC machining devices, CNC lathes, 16 universal cutting tools, 2 coordinate drilling machines, 1 radial drill, 1 grinding machine, 4 surface grinders, 4 cylindrical grinders, 1 inside diameter grinder, 1 CNC wire-cut and 1 die-sink EDM machine, 43 additional devices including broaching, slotting, grinding and engraving machines, 8 measuring devices including a 3D one, and a paint sprayer system.

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