Human resources

Family enterprises have multiplied in number over the years. Currently, this mid-sized enterprise employs approximately ninety people, around seventy of whom are manual laborers. The company combines the experience of older employees with the fresh skills of younger ones. Three of the four owners take part in the company’s management.

4S-2000 Ltd. employs excellent professionals from its surrounding region. To ensure a constant supply of quality workforce, the company cooperates with the Grammar School of Nyíregyháza, the Donát Bánki Technical School, the György Inczédy Grammar School. Furthermore, several employees have graduated from the engineering department of the nearby University of Miskolc.

Management consist of the company’s direct leadership, financial management and administration. The design and technology department’s staff are highly qualified, and handle machinery design tasks in addition to production technology development.

Raw material management is assigned to a separate division, which is in charge of procurement, requisitions, as well as administration of qualifications. The manufacturing control division is staffed with four of our most experienced employees. They optimize and monitor logistical processes and the activities of workers on the factory floor. Nine of the twenty-one office staff have engineering degrees. Several members of the management and engineers speak English either on a conversational or an advanced level. Furthermore,  our office staff can also communicate with clients in German or Romanian. A specific permanent employee is in charge of the operation of applications and the IT infrastructure.

34 people are charged with operating the state-of-the-art CNC machinery or the flexible and highly efficient universal machines, making this the largest team of the 70-strong staff. Most of them have decades of experience and are specialists or CNC operators. Seven mechanics carry out the assembly of custom-built machinery. An additional nine manual turners are in charge of other assembly tasks and the preparation of manufacturing. Three employees each are in charge of logistics and maintenance. Six welders, two painters and two surface treatment specialists round out the company’s manufacturing profile. An additional three staff members are in charge of handling and splitting goods, while another person manages the stocking and distribution of tools. Three employees conduct planned maintenance activities. Quality control is conducted by five highly qualified experts in air-conditioned rooms using state-of-the-art measuring instruments.

In addition to training required by ISO, the management regularly holds training sessions to keep the company’s activities going smoothly. To this end, there are annual training courses on corporate processes, regulations, and business management systems. These are occasionally complemented by training sessions on conflict resolution and personality development.

Our technology specialists, CNC operators, financial and administrative staff annually undergo further training programs to improve the company’s production potential, to keep them up-to-date with the latest laws, and to ensure that processes are carried out efficiently.