Welcome to 4S-2000 Ltd.

4S-2000 Ltd. is a company specializing in industrial machinery, with 90 employees. It is completely in Hungarian ownership and headquartered in Nyíregyháza. This mid-sized enterprise has nearly two decades of history in the industry. The company’s inventory of 70 metal milling machines, including state-of-the-art CNC metalworking centers.The primary activities of the company include the production of machinery and parts, metalworking, as well as designing and producing manufacturing equipment. 4S-2000 Ltd. can produce individual and mass-produced items ranging from complicated precision parts at the scale of a few millimeters, to machine parts up to three meters by one meter. Additional services include the manufacture and assembly of complete machinery setups. Over the years, the company has expanded its plant, raised new buildings, and continuously upgraded its inventory of machinery. Continuous investment, modern equipment and skilled workers enable the company to deliver high quality products within tight deadlines.95% of products manufactured by 4S-2000 Ltd. are directly or indirectly exported to EU countries. Since 1999, the company has been following the ISO 9001:2000 quality control system certified by TÜV Bayern.Advantages of 4S-2000 Ltd.:

  • flexibility in manufacturing and delivery
  • precision work and high quality using cutting-edge equipment
  • competitive pricing
  • production quality, communication and management on par with Western European counterparts